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Recommended Marine Electrical Test Equipment and Tools

The following is a listing of tools available from BPS and recommended for testing late model engines:

Part Number





Neon Spark Tester

camera.gif - 189 Bytes

Sealed single cylinder has removable ground clamp can be used for running tests


Sealed Spark Gap Tester

camera.gif - 189 Bytes

Allows for testing up to 8 cylinder for cranking tests. Sealed design reduces the chance of sparks.


Piercing Probes

camera.gif - 189 Bytes

Allows access to wires for testing without removing the connection. Tiny hole usually reseals itself.


DVA (Peak Voltage)Adapter

camera.gif - 189 Bytes

Unit automatically compensates for polarity. Can be used with most quality multimeters


Load Resister

camera.gif - 189 Bytes

Used to load the output of ignition modules when testing ignition coils.


Fluke 16 w/DVA

camera.gif - 189 Bytes

Adapter Has voltage, temperature, capacitance, ohms and DVA measurement capability.


Fluke Temperature Adapter

camera.gif - 189 Bytes

Works with most Digital multimeters capable of reading millivolts.


DC Inductive Timing Light

camera.gif - 189 Bytes

DC Powered timing light with a very bright strobe light.


Pressure/Vacuum Tester

camera.gif - 189 Bytes

Repairable metal combination unit does both vacuum and pressure testing.


Flywheel Holder

camera.gif - 189 Bytes

Longer handle helps during use.


Spark Plug Wire Puller

camera.gif - 189 Bytes

Grounded design reduces the chances of shocking.


Amphenol Pin Tool Set

camera.gif - 189 Bytes

Set contains 1 each of 553-2697 (Insertion), 553-2698 (Pin Removal) and 553-2699 (Socket Removal)


Sensor Gap Gauge Tool

camera.gif - 189 Bytes

Used to set the timer-base air gap on 1973-1978 OMC 3 and 4 cylinder engines with screw terminal power packs.


Amp Pin Removal Tool

camera.gif - 189 Bytes

Used to remove the connector pins in the ignition system on Chrysler/Force engines using the Prestolite type ignitions. Also used on the Mercury TPI sensor connectors.


Bullet Connector Kit

camera.gif - 189 Bytes

Contains 10 pieces each of the male, female and sleeves.


Marine Terminal Kit

camera.gif - 189 Bytes

Contains 100+ pieces of hard to find terminals and heat shrink.


Dielectric Grease

camera.gif - 189 Bytes

Use to keep water and corrosion out of connectors.


Remote Starter For OMC

camera.gif - 189 Bytes

Used to replace the boat-side harness for engine testing, Fits most OMC engines 1969 to 2000.


Remote Starter for Mercury

camera.gif - 189 Bytes

Used to replace the boat-side harness for engine testing, Fits most Mercury engines 1979 to 2000.


Load Bank

camera.gif - 189 Bytes

Use to load the battery when testing battery charging output.

Optional upgrade



Fluke 88 w/DVA Adapter

camera.gif - 189 Bytes

Highly recommended. The 88 has 2 and 4 stroke RPM ranges, volts, ohms, amperage, dwell and injector pulse width. It has the capacity to record maximum and minimum RPM and volts. Backlite display readout is easy to read in dim light.

(a)   This item is included with the Fluke 518-16A and 518-88 meters.

(b)  The Fluke 518-88 is highly recommended, especially if you do not have a good inductive digital tachometer.

(c)   The temperature adapter is not needed with the Fluke 16.

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