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If you have been looking around for a rebuilt/remanufactured powerhead for your outboard motor, we're pretty sure you've been left exclaiming "HOW MUCH?????", How long of warranty?, "You're going to make me pay HOW MUCH for the core up front?????", "It takes HOW LONG before I get the core charge back?????" (also wondering if you would get all or only part of core charge back from bogus excuses). On top of that, most of those places don't even actually do the rebuilding. They're just a screwy "middle man", jacking up the price to make a profit. That doesn't spell out a "D E A L" for anyone, much less provide any peace of mind concerning long lasting quality for your investment. We know what goes into your powerhead, because we are the ones that do the rebuild right here at our on-site professional facility.

Now then, before you go and CHUCK HUNDREDS OF UNNECESSARY DOLLARS for a pre rebuilt powerhead (most likely of unknown to you origin) PLUS CORE CHARGES, OUTRAGIOUS SHIPPING/HANDLING CHARGES, and PUNY WORTHLESS WARRANTY, or pay some RIDICULOUS price PLUS SALES TAX to your local dealer, take a look...

BPS is offering you an absolutely no-nonsense service and will completely rebuild your powerhead, apply a "LIFETIME WARRANTY", return your rebuilt powerhead along with required mounting gaskets, carb kits, and new water pump impeller. Turnaround is usually about a week, but can be 2 weeks or so during busy months. We can even repair/replace your damaged crank shaft, or minor to medium severity block damage including welding broken aluminum or replacing sleeves. Complete setup instructions will accompany your powerhead upon return. Unlimited toll free technical support is also available if needed during reinstallation of your powerhead.

BPS prides itself with quality and workmanship of over 20 years of experience. We do not mass produce rebuilt powerheads just to stock shelves, creating and inviting mistakes or missed damage. All powerheads are thoroughly inspected and COMPLETELY rebuilt, "one at a time", using only the highest quality replacement parts, ensuring you are getting the best of the best. "Completely" meaning, boring ALL cylinders to the required oversize, ALL new pistons, rings, bearings, gaskets, etc. We refuse to turn out unreliable "partially rebuilt" junk, so please do not request anything less than "complete".

Ok, that sounds excellent, but what about shipping? Do I have to pay that? What? You want us to pay that too? Ok, ok, consider the arm twisted. As if we don't already offer an outstanding deal, we are taking it one step further. We will also pay shipping to and from our facility providing you follow our shipping policy and directions. For further information about shipping, click the "service directions" link near the bottom of this page.

Our "lifetime" warranty FAQ and info is here -->

Warranty FAQ/Info

**Below are our prices for standard complete 2 stroke powerhead overhauls, including exclusive lifetime warranty and both ways shipping.

Please note: These services are offered ONLY to U.S. residents inside the 48 continental United States.

Mercury & Mariner 2 stroke rebuilt remanufactured powerhead (Service not available for Japanese model Mariner's)
  • Mercury 2 cyl - $995.00
  • Mercury 3 cyl outboard $1,895.00 // Optimax - $1995.00
  • Mercury 4 cyl outboard - $2,495.00
  • Mercury 6 cyl V6 outboard & Sport Jet non chrome bore 2.5 liter and below - $3,095.00 (Contact us for chrome bore blocks)
  • Mercury 6 cyl V6 3.0 liter Optimax/EFI/Carb - $3,450.00

Johnson & Evinrude 2 stroke rebuilt remanufactured powerhead
  • Johnson & Evinrude 2 cyl - $995.00
  • Johnson & Evinrude 3 cyl - $1,595.00   3 cyl Evinrude E-tec $1795.00
  • Johnson & Evinrude 4 cyl 90° - $2,195.00 // 60° & Looper - $2,295.00
  • Johnson & Evinrude 6 cyl  60° & Looper - $3,250 (We no longer do crossflows)
  • Johnson & Evinrude 6 cyl 3.0 liter & Up Ficht, E-Tec - $3,450.00

Yamaha 2 stroke rebuilt remanufactured powerhead
  • Yamaha 3 cyl (90 HP only) - $1,990.00
  • Yamaha 4 cyl - $2,575.00
  • Yamaha 6 cyl  90° 76° HPDI - $3,450.00

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Service Directions

or send us an email or call us 918-457-4099, with any questions or to make arrangements for your overhaul.

** Prices posted are for normal standard overhaul which includes replacing ALL pistons, rings, bearings, gaskets, and machine work. Required crank repair, block repair/welding, sleeving, or damaged connecting rods, will incur additional cost accordingly. We will contact you before starting any work if any of these conditions should need attention, so that you may give your approval to complete as necessary.

Our "lifetime" warranty FAQ and info is here -->

Warranty FAQ/Info