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Lifetime warranty on all powerhead overhauls. Check it out!

Powerhead Overhaul


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Warranty FAQ & Info

We find humor in dubbing our Lifetime Warranty the "too good to be true warranty". Why? Because most other dealers and/or rebuilders seem to think and advise potential customers that our warranty would not cover anything at all should the powerhead fail. We would make up any excuse not to warranty a failure. On the contrary:

Here are the facts they don't want you to know.

  • The other guys use the cheapest parts money can buy. Obviously for max profits.

  • The other guys are mostly middle men that never even touch your powerhead. They don't have a clue what was done to the powerhead being sent to you. They just run your credit card and drop ship you a powerhead from some vendor. A vendor that is mainly interested in max profits as well.

  • The other guys will not cover failures due to lean conditions, overheating, no oil, faulty ignition system, water ingestion, etc. Guess what? No one will warranty those things. Not even us.

  • The other guys slap you with a core charge, then will find any excuse in the book to deny your core charge refund in whole or part.

  • With the other guys, you might even get just a partial overhaul, meaning, they might just repair one or two cylinders, and put the same old used pistons/rings/bearings back in the rest of the motor and call it "rebuilt". Say what?!?!?!!!

  • Maybe you should ask the other guys why they are not willing to put a lifetime warranty on what they sell you? What? They said NO WAY? Then why do business with them?

  • The other guys will charge you a higher price for a powerhead and also charge for shipping on top of that (Don't forget that core charge). Yep, you got it, max profits.

Now what you should know about us:
  • We use only the BEST quality parts money can buy. That doesn't mean OEM parts either. We install FORGED pistons, not cast junk, and with rings that will never ever crack and break. Ever notice that even brand new motors have such a short warranty? Doh!, there's that "max profits" issue again!

  • BPS isn't a middle man, we do the actual work, hands on, from start to finish right here in OUR own facility. We know every part that goes in your motor, because WE put it all in there. We also do the precision machining and can control all critical tolerances to make your motor last ..... and last a lifetime.

  • Since we actually "touch" and disassemble your powerhead with our own hands, we can tell you what caused the failure and how to prevent it from happening again. How can the other guys do that when they (as a middle man) don't even see your powerhead because it's shipped directly back to the vendor as a core?

  • As mentioned previously, there ARE things that our warranty DOES NOT cover, the same things that NO ONE will cover because they are out of our control. We do cover failure of all new parts we install, along with the craftsmanship required to produce a high quality rebuild. If the parts fail because of a manufacturing flaw or installation mistake, or we machine wrong clearances somewhere, hey, its on us, plain and simple.

  • Have we mentioned a core charge anywhere? Absolutely not, because there is no core. We have no reason to keep it steal it from you (like the other guys might)

  • We only do COMPLETE rebuilds. ALL new pistons, rings, bearings, gaskets, and bore ALL cylinders to the same oversize. No partial junk allowed in this shop buddy roe!

Now is our Lifetime Warranty truly "too good to be true"? 20+ years in the business says its good, and its definitely true! And it's also very reasonably priced (No "middle man"). So don't let "the other guys" feed you a line of bologna now that you know what's what.

For the sake of unnecessary complexity, our exclusive lifetime warranty is simply as follows:

Your powerhead is professionally assembled with only the highest quality parts available. New parts used in the overhaul are warranted against common failure for as long as you own your motor as described per the following. This warranty is non-transferable. Refurbished items such as crankshafts are warranted for a period of 1 year. This warranty covers the parts and craftsmanship that we install in your powerhead. Reused existing parts such as the block, crank, rods, etc., while being fully inspected by BPS to be in satisfactory condition for re-use, are not warranted unless they were replaced with new or refurbished parts.

Should damage occur to powerhead, BPS retains the exclusive right to inspect and determine cause of said failure. The decision of determined cause of failure and remedy of such failure by BPS will be final.

If a powerhead should be claimed to have internal damage, you must first acquire authorization from BPS before returning powerhead. Owner will be required to prepay all packaging, shipping, and insurance. Should failure be determined by BPS to be due to faulty new parts or craftsmanship, BPS will repair and return powerhead free of charge. ANY disassembly at any time of the basic powerhead beyond external electrical, ignition, or fuel system parts or components by anyone other than BPS may terminate and void warranty. A copy of your original sales receipt should accompany the powerhead.

If it is determined by BPS that powerhead failure is due to any cause other than what this warranty covers, you will be offered a cost to repair the powerhead and/or charged for return shipment of your powerhead. If you so choose not to repair your powerhead, it will be shipped back to you in a disassembled state.


Warranty does not cover damages or failure of powerhead due to any outside source.

These exclusions include but are not limited to, commercial applications, failure of or faulty ignition system, defective fuel system, defective cooling system, damages from water ingestion whether fresh water or salt water use (this includes submersing of motor or gasket failure), failure to initially properly setup and maintain overall condition, improper and/or non regular maintenance, not following break-in procedures, abuse, insect or vermin intrusion, act of God, terrorism, or any other cause beyond our control.

While we attempt to inspect every detail of your powerhead in the rebuilding process and deem those components to be in satisfactory condition, failure of parts being reused such as engine block, crank, rods, and so forth, are not covered under this warranty under any circumstances.

Laws in some states may offer you additional or other rights not listed here, and BPS will observe those laws, if any, applicable to this warranty.