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Canceled orders:

We attempt to keep a good supply of parts we offer in stock at all times. However, due to circumstances beyond our control, we occasionally will not have an ordered item in stock, or, do not regularly stock an item you ordered. In these circumstances, we will attempt to have you understand the situation during the time you place your order that it may take an extra day or so before the item ships. For the reasons previously mentioned, all orders canceled, will incur a $10.00 service charge for time spent taking your initial order and cancellation of the ordered parts from our suppliers. The only exception to this policy would be in the case of an item placed on backorder with no availability date able to be obtained. No orders may be cancelled or modified once the package/s leaves our facility or any warehouse facility we may occasionally drop ship from. Should you refuse an order when it arrives, you will still be held responsible for all incurred shipping charges, plus a 20% restock fee.


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Boatpartstore.com ships most order out the same day if order is placed before the scheduled carrier pickups. We have 18 different warehouses we can ship from which greatly reduces transit time in most all cases. Once the package leaves our facility or any other warehouse facility we may occasionally drop ship from, Boatpartstore.com will not be responsible for delays or misdirected orders by carriers such as UPS, FEDEX. To avoid delays, make absolutely sure you supply correct shipping address including correct zip code. Any part of a shipping address that is incorrect will automatically cause a delay by the carrier. If you need an item by a certain time, you are advised to make sure to select or request a specific delivery option instead of relying on the regular ground option.

Specific policy regarding electrical/ignition parts:

Under no circumstances will any electrical or ignition component be returnable unless there is a clear warranty related issue, or a condition of error was in ordering or shipping. Keep in mind that Boatpartstore.com is not an ignition parts loan facility for you to trial and error your repairs to find out what you do or don't need!
The following will not be honored as valid reasons for return:
  • "That part didn't fix my problem, so I want to return it for a refund"
  • "I didn't need that part afterall, so I want to return it for a refund"
  • "I ordered or received the wrong part so I bought one elsewhere and want to return this one for a refund."
  • "The part was bad when I got it so I want to send it back for a refund instead of warranty."
If you are concerned whether an electrical item or ignition component contains a warranty, then ASK before you order! All sales are final.


Boatpartstore.com reserves the right to substitute brand and/or like item for item ordered and these guidelines are strictly adhered to:

  • No returns will be accepted without first obtaining authorization from Boatpartstore.com and having an RMA number assigned to the package.
  • You, the customer, are responsible for providing all charges to cover shipping and insurance for a returned item. Must be prepaid!
  • Packages received without a clearly visible authorized RMA number will be refused and returned to the customer at the customers expense.
  • Returns must be made within 15 days of receipt of initial order.
  • Returnable items will be subject to a 20% restock fee unless an original shipping error was made on the part of Boatpartstore.com.
  • Returnable items MUST be in original packaging, and in undamaged re sellable condition.
  • Returnable items may be returned for exchange of like and priced item only.(no cash refunds)
  • Any items sealed in plastic packaging ARE NOT RETURNABLE IF OPENED.
  • Special order items are non-returnable and non-refundable
  • Shipping charges will not be refunded or credited under any circumstances
  • Returnable items must be sent to the address at the bottom of this page per our authorization instructions to receive proper credit/exchange


This is a very unpleasant subject for both parties. Please keep in mind though, that Boatpartstore.com has a "0" tolerance policy for customers with a mind to invoke a chargeback after making a purchase on our website, especially since no one here is going to attempt to "scam you" or "rip you off". It can be considered the same type of offense as shoplifting or stealing and can be criminally prosecuted as fraud. For any customer that intentionally attempts to defraud this company through a chargeback, we will do exactly that. Your IP address, the day, and the time down to the second, is logged with every click of the submit button when you place an order. Therefore, the computer you used to make the purchase is completely traceable and you cannot successfully claim you didn't authorize the sale. If you have a problem resulting from a credit card purchase on our website, you needn't get hysterical and automatically head for your bank. Boatpartstore.com will work with you in any way possible within the bounds and scope of our policies to correct the problem and satisfy your needs. Just don't ask us to make a special consideration that we cannot or do not do for everyone else. As long as you are respectful and reasonable, we will be too.

Phone orders:

When placing a phone order, you are asked for your specific boat or motor identification info. This assures you are sent the correct item in which you seek. We are highly experienced in our business of supplying marine parts, and do not send the wrong part/s, unless you give us incorrect information to go by. Make sure you give us the right info to avoid problems and additional charges incurred with returning parts claimed by you to be wrong. For instance, just guessing at the year or serial number of your boat/motor will almost assure you of getting an incorrect part.

Warranty items:

If you feel you have a defective item that is still in warranty, please contact Boatpartstore.com for said warranty information of specific part. If defective part is determined to have valid warranty, follow the instructions given to you by customer service. Return all warranty items, shipping prepaid. No warranty over the original manufacturers warranty will be provided for defective parts unless specifically offered by Boatpartstore.com. Upon approval of warranty claim, defective part will be replaced or repaired and will be returned to you per manufacturers policy. If you have a question about returns or warranty on an item, please contact Boatpartstore.com for details.

Return and warranty items should be shipped UPS or Fedex only, to the following address. DO NOT ship via US Mail!